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                      video link to "Innovating to Zero!" Bill Gates TED talk

Innovating to Zero! - TED lecture (29.5 minutes) 


Bill Gates vision for energy generation with zero emissions by 2050


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video link to Maps that tell us who e are

Maps that show us who we are (not just where we are)  - TED lecture

(15 minutes) 

Danny Dorling presents maps that show the world in a new way


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video link to The Economist interview with Carol O'Connor

Communication Effectiveness - The Economist interview (5 minutes)


Carol O'Connor describes the Communication Audit and how it helps business


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 video link to "The Science of Persuasion"

The Science of Persuasion - Influence at Work YouTube channel  (12 minutes)

Robert Cialdini and Steve Martin present the six ways to persuade


2000 x 15 olive

Gates Rose cropped


Measuring Success - interview with Charlie Rose (6 minutes)


Bill Gates explains that measuring success shows how improve continuously


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