2000 x 15 olive All Things Must Fight to Live         Bryan Mealerbook cover and link to buy 'All things must fight to live'

"This is an unforgettable tour through the aftermath of war and colonialism, in a country (DRC) that is still the site of the greatest humanitarian catastrophe on earth. It is nonfiction at its best: harrowing, beautifully crafted, and, in the end, redemptive."

"It is Mealer's gift that even when he is covering ... well worn territory , the fog of war, the addictive and atrophied life of the combat reporter - his writing is not only fresh but empathetic." (Time)2000 x 15 olive

secrets cover homeSecrets of Great Leaders                Carol O'Connor

This book offers a model for leadership success. Built around three themes of practical, visionary and connecting with people, it describes real problems and offers useful solutions based on the author's 30-plus years of working with exceptional and inspiring people. She highlights the immense satisfaction when things go right, as well as the hard work it takes to get there.

"Do you ever come across a book that says “Wow – I really resonate with the author’s message!” That was my reaction when I found this book. These 50 “secrets” of great leaders are not really a secret anymore!" (Connie Plowman, internationally recognised speaker and educator)

2000 x 15 olive

link to buy Business of EthicsThe Business of Ethics                   Raymond Madden - Editor

"Anybody who is interested in the future of finance and capitalism must read this timely and enlightening book." (Yasuhiro Maehara, President and CEO Securities analysts Association of Japan)

John Kay, globally recognised economist, remarks in his introduction, "Corporate activity derives legitimacy by its contribution to society, not just the rewards it generates for those engaged in it." Dr Madden's book of ten essays dives deeply into this theme and uniquely features an Asian and Islamic perspective along with Western views.

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link to Scale-up ReportThe Scale-up Report on UK Economic Growth                          Sherry Coutu, CBE

Commissioned by the Information Economy Council, this report advises that a boost of just 1% to scale-up business activity can drive an additional 238,000 jobs and £38 billion to GVA within three years.  Download the full 138 page Report. Download the explanatory press release.

"The clear message coming from this report is that a focus on fast-growing, scalable businesses will deliver tangible benefits to the economy including increased wealth, faster growth and more jobs." (Ian Cowie, Chairman SME Banking, RBS/NatWest)2000 x 15 olive            


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