Everyone has a mix of talents and gifts with the potential to develop and grow in a unique way. A core value for our company is enrichment for both individuals and organizations, and coaching is an excellent way to make this happen. We use both the STAR and GROW models.

STAR refers to situation, task, action and result. This acronym is a guide for those less experienced with self-assessment to help them to achieve their goals.

GROW refers to goals, reality, options, and way forward. It's a useful model for discovering options to achieving goals, and is a good choice for clients who know what they want, but face significant challenges.

We also use psychometric tests and well regarded psychological profilers to help clients discover their potential and express their talents, skills and ideas in new ways. We offer:

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (Oxford Psychological Press)
  • FIRO-B (Oxford Psychological Press)
  • Profiler Reports: 360-degree feedback (Personnel Decisions International - Brussels)
  • Culture in the Workplace (ITAP International - Princeton, NJ)
  • Global Team Process Questionnaire: complex team management (ITAP International - Princeton, NJ)

In line with internationally accepted best practice, we require clients to agree to a follow-up session to discuss their results after we administer tests and/or profilers.


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