The old joke defines a consultant is someone who borrows your watch to tell you the time. However there are times when business leaders are unable to see their own watch or are under so much pressure they cannot read it clearly.

We offer an outside perspective and a second opinion. Our clients know all about their own business, and we know how to help identify the root cause of organizational problems.​​

First we ask leaders within the business to describe their ideal for the way the organisation should run, and also if they've discovered any areas of dissatisfaction. This is the starting point for further study. Using a variety of methods we gather information about essential business systems, like financial controls, human resources, communication both within and outside the business, quality assurance, or distribution and delivery.

We're looking for gaps between the ideal and reality.

Communication Audit

In an interview for The EconomistVision in Practice director, Dr Carol O'Connor explains why effective communication is essential for commercial success. The communication audit is unique to Vision in Practice and gives clients an in-depth understanding of how information flows throughout their business, identifying blocks and suggesting how to remove them.

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